Changes (Pt.1)….

From the time we wake up, until the time we lay our heads down to sleep, our brains are constantly changing and shifting, making new neural connections as we sleep from the information we’ve taken in from our day.

We are constantly changing.

Every seven years, our body sheds it’s skin like a snake,reorganizing and manipulating the very building blocks of which we are made. Our taste buds change and our interests become broader or more narrow. Things we once shied away from, we are now absorbing, and conversely, the things we once loved may no longer be of any interest. My point is that with every threshold we cross through in life, there’s always a trade-off in which causes the majority of changes.

As we age, and every year past 25, we lose 2 grams of brain mass until age 70, after that, we move up to 5 grams. Though this process of losing brain mass can be slowed down by exercising, eating healthy,and learning new conceptual information, it is an inevitable process and the affects of our manipulation only works for a short time.

Our environment and our state of mind is the predicting factors of whether we live a happy and fulfilled life or we live a miserably shortened sample of such. If we surround ourselves with negative, mundane routines, the expansion of our experiences will cease, thus, slowing down our system to merely nothing. We must not give up on life at any point or for any reason. We are here for a reason. Every single person on this planet has a specific purpose. Giving up on that purpose could cause a ripple effect in life’s design.

For every choice me make, we are making many other choices other than the obvious. Better said, with each choice made, we are choosing to not make the alternative choices.

So, what do we do and how do we accept and maneuver through our world when everything is constantly changes. And how do we trust the things in our world that are constant? Is anything constant really, apart from the speed of light? Many people believe themselves to be a constant state of I. But who are we really? How do we accept change? And what do we do with ourselves once we’ve accepted reality? I mean true reality.

From a birds eye, we look at the world as a whole. But if we break ourselves down in parts and pieces of matter, what view would we have then? Nevertheless, everything seems to change except our own acceptance of change. We refuse to acknowledge change even when we are starring it down in a mirror. What happens if consciousness was not manipulated by our thoughts?

The important factor of observing change, manipulating changes, and accepting change is to simply become aware firstly, then adjust accordingly-Aware of our surroundings, the process of life,and of the self.

When we view such things on the principles and processes of thoughts, then our views are bias,inaccurate,and self motivated. What happens when reality is all that’s left to see. Maybe we’ve created a safe world of lies through evolution. Does that mean we can’t explore truth, even if it means giving up our comfortable safe havens and letting go of our aspirations of obtaining nirvana?

Perhaps, I am but a fool that acquires torture. Or perhaps you would rather live in a lie than expand your world with truth. Nothing wrong with that. That is our conditioned state of being. But conditioning ourselves to such does not really fool us. We know. And that’s why half the world is saddened, unhappy, and plain out miserable. It’s a constant battle within oneself to ignore the changes occurring, and accepting them. What do we choose to accept, and does our skills of repressing truth really work? Ask yourself if you truly know yourself and without manipulation, how much chaos partook in your mind? To calm the chaos, we have to meet reality, accept reality, and coexist with a world and the self that is constantly morphing. We have to keep up. If not, well, we are left with this state of confusion that we mask with lies and in most cases, we cover up with more confusing choices because we only have and live with ourselves in half- truth. Knowing the self is not the end all be all, but it could get us closer to the ultimate goal everyone seeks- and that is peace.



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