Driving down I10, I gaze out my window, the cold air is hitting my face, and my hair is swirling with the rhythm of the wind. I start to imagine walking instead of driving. I imagine the grass beneath my feet and the air encompassing my entire body and not just being restricted to just my face. I immediately start to feel free.

I drift away now in complete fantasy land, imagining myself roaming the earth solely on foot, encountering the many personalities this world beholds along the way.

I am not worried about weather, for my daydreams only consists of 2- rain and sunshine. Either one will place me in a blissful state-of-mind. I do not fret the creatures of this land, for I only imagine 2- horses and butterflies. Either one leaves my heart wide open. I do not dread the thieves, the desperate, nor the ugly sides of mankind, for theres only 2 type of people- happy and kind. The blend of the two makes my world spin slower. I don’t bother being scared for when darkness comes, for I only dream in 2 colors- purple and pink. Either one erases the vibes the darkness offers.

Mumford and Sons is blaring from the radio. The night is cold as I leave one state and enter another. The possibilities racing in my mind are endless. Positivity has heightened to a immeasurable level. All is doable in this moment right here. Nothing can bring me down except reality. Thoughts of just simply walking has led me back to where I’ve been searching to get back to for some time now. I shall walk one day soon. I shall walk and feel the breeze for longer than this drive. I shall escape these chains soon. I shall start living. Start fighting for my freedom from all this world binds. All we have is our mind, our feet and the priveledge of choice. I choose to walk and no longer drive through my life going 80. Peace ❤


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